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What is FairQuark?

FairQuark is a shared based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that consolidates super secure calculations with a reasonable dispersion of cash for long haul utility. Bitcoin was the principal digital money to bring a reasonable circulation of cash but the utilization of ASIC equipment changed the circumstance so it is never again attainable to utilize Computers to create bitcoins. The calculations of FairQuark depend on the Quarkcoin that presented the super secure hashing that are mineable with normal CPUs. In spite of the fact that, Quarkcoin was commenced so profoundly and intended to be rapid to the point that it can’t bring the reasonable conveyance of cash or long haul bolster. We are tending to these issues by conveying a CPU mineable digital currency that has been intended to be reasonable in the appropriation of cash and to have a long haul bolster.

Made arrangements for more long haul than unique Quark

No exceptional equipment required, begin mining with your CPU now!

Profoundly talented and persuaded Finnish improvement group

Quick and secure exchanges (appropriate for micro payments moreover!)

4% reasonable pre-mine

We know no one loves pre-mined coins. Why do despite everything we have a pre-mine of 4%? We realize that by pre-digging FairQuark it’s less demanding for us to advance it and along these lines push the selection of FRQ and help the community.Pre-digging is not compensation for engineer group. It is utilized simply to advance FairQuark, get more intrigued individuals on board and for some server installments for first months. You can track use of pre-mined coins.

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